Hayabusa Odor Resist Rashguard Short Sleeve - Green


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  • Hayabusa Odor Resist Rashguard Short Sleeve - Green

Hayabusa Odor Resist Rashguard Short Sleeve - Green
The Hayabusa OdorResist rash guard is our best performing compression to date. It better protects your skin from abrasions, keeps your muscles warm and engaged, it’s not see-through and wicks away sweat, helping to control your body’s temperature. We used the renowned XT2® fabric and increased the amount of silver from our previous generation. This rashie uses co-extruded silver threads which prevents sweat eating microbes from growing on it.

In 2018, we marked a dozen years of making and improving our rash guards. Give it a roll, it’s worth it.


We love the fact we made a rash guard that will last you even longer. We also love the unique look and effect the new Metaru design has. We picked a base color and printed black on top of it which creates a really unique color stretch effect every time the rash guard stretches.


Silver has a natural antimicrobial property which is why it’s frequently used in the medical field when sterile fabrics are needed to deter infection. This technology is actually quite old and has been used since the days of ancient Greece to inhibit bacterial growth. What XT2® does is incorporate pure silver during the co-extrusion process, providing permanent anti-odor protection. Not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, just silver.


This rashie fits tight yet it doesn’t restrict your movement. The silicon grip at the bottom of the compression is incredibly effective at keeping it in place while rolling.


The tight fit does more than make you feel like a superhero when you wear a Hayabusa Rash guard. It keeps the sweat away from your skin, helping you stay cooler and control your temperature. It also engages your muscles which supports your performance.


You need a rash guard that can withstand training day in and day out. For this rash guard to last you even longer we made it out of the XT2® fabric which we call OdorResist. The silver is not a coating, it’s co-extruded with the fabric which means it will not wear away.
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