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The greatest creations are often born out of the need to solve everyday problems that others fail to find solutions for. In this vein, the SPIDER brand was born. The Problem: A lack of choice and a gap in the ever increasing Jiu Jitsu Gi market, for a Gi that offers high quality performance at the more affordable end of the pricing spectrum. The Solution: A brand that has both affordability and an unwavering commitment to quality as it’s core ethos. Forged from this ethos the SPIDER brand was created.


If you are fighter reading this and are finding out about our brand for the first time you will be reassured to know that, amongst the other experts and specialists in their fields, the SPIDER team has the acquired knowledge and input of BJJ and MMA practitioners amongst its ranks.

With the first hand knowledge of what is required of a fit for purpose Jiu Jitsu Gi combined with rigorous testing and design phases, the first ever SPIDER Jiu Jitsu Gi was born. This initial creation was to become a catalyst for a ‘why stop here?’ moment for the team, who decided to venture out in to other areas of fightwear. We figured that as our own knowledge of various combat sport disciplines is not just limited to Jiu Jitsu, why should our product range stop there?

Quality & Innovation With individual visual style preferences aside, through your own experiences as a fighter, you will have formed your own ideas, standards and expectations of how you expect your equipment and clothing to perform. Using our own experience and high expectations as a benchmark for quality, we are focused on creating an accessible brand that performs to the highest of standards.

Unlike other brands, we will not claim to be ‘reinventing the wheel’ with every new addition to our range. However, we will always look to incorporate the latest developments in sportswear technology if we feel that they can add value to the performance of our products. The SPIDER name As mentioned earlier on, SPIDER has it’s roots in BJJ and it’s name has it’s relevance to the ‘gentle art’, taking influence from the ‘Spider Guard’.

We also feel that this name has and will allow us to develop a brand with a strong visual style and ethos based on other ‘arachnid’ inspired qualities such as; Strength, Speed, Agility and Adaptability to name but a few. Such qualities have their relevance to and are unquestionably vital in both the physical and mental sense for any combat sport.